Goals: March Review and April Plan

It is a new month, so here we go. First, a review from last month:

  • read chapters 3,4 & 5 in EM book- met
  • get first round of shots for Africa- met (4 down, 5 to go)
  • do JM workout 1 time per week and yoga/pilates 1 time per week- met
  • start reading PYP information from Dami- met
  • comment on other blogs averaging 5 comments per week- met
  • 2 teacher blog posts per week on missrorey.blogspot.com and roreyrisdon.edublogs.edu- met (I think)
  • 1 new recipe per week- not met
  • Ultimate Goal: meet 5/7 goals for March- MET!!! 6/7

So, now for April. I had to think about these a lot this month because there are some changes happening this month. First, I am wrapping up my teaching position at TLC and will finish on the 22nd, we are packing and organizing for the move, we will be meeting friends and family in Bali and will be hosting my sister and Jacob in May. In order to make my life easier this next month, here are the goals I propose:

  • run 4X this month and JM 1X per week
  • three vegan days per week
  • use things we have to make meals before going shopping (yeah, I know, this is not too measurable, any help please?)
  • all school work done by my last day of school
  • catch up on blog and be up-to-date by the time Bali arrives
  • begin packing for the US and going through items
  • Finish reading A Long Way Gone and return it to Lois and read Bel Canto
  • 2 more chapters in EM
  • Ultimate Goal: 6/8


Can I do it? Outlook unlikely....





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