New Beginnings

As things wrap up here for us in Malaysia, many changes are occurring that make us reflect on our time here. In the past two days, we have already had to say goodbye to a few Malaysian regulars. First, on Thursday, the last day of March, Shooter’s Bar closed. This was the place where we met so many good friends and had some amazing times. As Cody puts it, Shooters was our Cheers. After going there for just a few weeks, we were not only welcomed into the inner circle of the amazing bar owner Frankie, but were on our way to being mentored in the wonderful game of pool. Thursday was a great celebration of friendship and good times, but was also a sad evening for everyone.


Cody, Frankie and Rorey

In addition to Shooters closing, our friend Shohel just left for his home in Bangladesh today. We went out for dinner with him and some other friends for his last night here. It was a great night, but we were sad to say goodbye.


The Motley Crew


Cody and Shohel


Dinner Gang




Cody and I have been discussing what it means to leave a country that you have been living in for two years. It is very different from leaving your home country, because when you leave your home country, you can guarantee that you will come back and see the people who are most important to you. But here in Malaysia, there is no guarantee that we will be back. We hope to come back and even live here again, but there is not a 100% chance of a return trip. So what that means for us is that we have to come to the hard realization that we might not ever see the people who matter most in our lives in Malaysia again after May 11th. These are the people who we have grown to love, trust and care for and who have made Malaysia a part of our home. Of course we hope that is not the reality, but still, it makes leaving Malaysia different from leaving the US.

To our dear friend Shohel, may we see you again soon!




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