Homestay in Vietnam

After the traditional Vietnamese folk music, we got dropped off at the hotel everyone else was staying and waited for our home-stay guide to come and pick us up. Cody was in heaven because the van did not have enough seats, so he got to ride on a scooter.

After the ride, we hopped on a boat and headed up river. I wrote a haiku on the boat about the experience and wrote it down as soon as we got into the room:

bright smiling moon
river fireflies blinking
boat ride to heaven

We arrived and were shown to our room. It was what I call the SE Asian RR, rustic and romantic. The thatched hut right on the river was perfect with the mosquito net, colorful blankets and in room shower.

Cody Entering Our Guestroom

Our Guestroom

The room even came with a hand fan and an unexpected visitor. When Cody went to pick it up, he found a lovely spider, but not just any spider, it was a spider on steroids…..huge, scary and too close for comfort. We called the guy who ran the place to help us evacuate our guest. He laughed and shooed him away. Thank you!

Cody's Huge Spider Friend

About 15 minutes after dropping our bags, we all headed to the patio to help with our dinner. It was a little awkward at first. No one was really talking to each other. We tried to break the ice and it helped a little but, but what really did it was Charles.  Our new found friend, Charles came out and got everyone chatting. He is an older gentleman from the US who has been traveling for a few months and it was a pleasure to meet him. Cody and I really connected to him and hope to connect with him sometime in the future.

Our Homestay Gang

The evening was going great, but when the owner brought out the rice liquor, it was all over. We stayed up way too late, talking until all hours of the night with everyone. I would definitely recommend homestay to anyone.

Our Homestay Host

Charles and Cody

Cody and the Cute Puppy

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