Perak Cave, Ipoh Malaysia

After getting our duck and pomelo, we went to another Ipoh sight, the Perak Cave. It was beautiful and we were able to climb up a little into the cave and get a view of the city.

Perak Cave Entrance

As we walked up the stairs, it was snowing ash. We quickly saw where it was coming from. Huge incense sticks towered over us and filled our lungs with the scent coming from the colorful sticks.

HUGE Incense Sticks at the Entrance

We climbed the stairs and were welcomed by a huge Buddha on the far back wall. The gold was glistening and the colors stood out boldly although we were in a dark cavern.

Buddha at Perak Cave


Inside the Cave



Climbing the Stairs Along the Back of the Cave

Statue at the Top of the Caves

Statue Outside Perak Caves

As we were leaving I took a brief video to give you a quick idea of a Malaysian Chinese Temple. You can find it here on YouTube.


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