Kek Lok Tong Caves, Day 1 in Ipoh with Sean and Kuan

For Chinese New Year, our friends invited us to Ipoh, which is about 2 hours north of KL. We got into town and met Sean for some lunch. After chicken and bean sprouts, he took us on a tour of town to see all of the famous Ipoh sights.

Ipoh is known for limestone caves and most of them have been turned into temples. Sean took us to Kek Lok Tong cave first. It was opened in 1970 and it is beautiful. The cave is cool and stunning and they have renovated some gardens on the back side of the temple.

Kek Lok Tong Cave

Inside the cave, aside from the rock formations, there are huge statues of Buddha along with other pieces of artwork. My favorite were the little pillars (think bird-feeders) with small figurines on the top.

Miniature Statues

Little Art Garden

Mini Swimming Pool

Mini Statues

Itsy Bitsy Buddha

Big Cody, Mini Buddha

The gardens through the back of the caves were spectacular. We walked all the way around the lake and spent some time in the sun with the turtles and fish. Then we headed back into the cave and went to get our second lunch.

Sean, Rorey and Cody

The day to the caves would not be complete without Sean and Cody lifting up some boulders and Cody fighting a unicorn.

Push, Push

Oh, Cody, Leave the Poor Beast Alone

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