Coconut Candy Makers

As we made way down the Mekong River on the first day of our river trip, we turned off of the main river and started up a small creek. We strapped on our hats, hunkered in and prepared to be rowed up-stream to our next adventure.

Getting on the Boats

Us on the Mekong

The boats pulled over next to a small bridge and we got of and walked a few meters to the destination. I am not sure exactly what to call it, but they made coconut candy there. We sent some out as Christmas gifts for our friends and family and I wanted to take some time to show you how it is made. Here is my adaptation of what I saw.

1. Remove husks from the coconut using a sharp pointy stick and reserve for later. Break flesh into manageable pieces.

Taking the Husks off of the Coconut

2. Grind flesh and press out the coconut milk.

Grinding the Coconut to Make Milk

3. Use reserved husks to make a fire. Take coconut milk and heat over fire, stirring constantly until it becomes thick.

Heating Up the Coconut Milk

4. Let mixture cool and press it.

Cooled Coconut Candy

5. Place the candy in oiled grooves of the mold and form it into strips.

Molding the Candy into Strips

6. Cut the candy into small rectangular pieces.

Cutting the Candy

7. Wrap with rice paper and decorative paper. Group and wrap into packages to be sold.

Wrapping the Candy

8. Sell, transport, open and eat. Yum!

Candy Wrapped and Ready to Eat

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