Boat Ride on the Mekong

After the stop at the Pagoda we hopped back on the bus and an hour later found our way to the river.

Get on the BoatThe sights were spectacular. The boats and houses were beautiful yet simple and everything was so colorful against the gray sky. We spent many days on the river in small boats, but our first experience was eye-opening.

Fishing Boats on the Mekong

Boats on the Mekong

After lunch, we hopped back on the boat and made our way further down the river.

Cody Checking Out the Sights

We saw so many locals working the river to make a living. There were fishermen, farmers delivering goods to local markets, and water taxi drivers, not to mention the people just driving their boats out to get around on the Mekong.

Local on a Boat

Beached Boats on the Shoreline

Local Sorting Out His Fishing Nets

We found these nets up and initially wondered what they were. I suggested that it might be an old bridge, but when we asked our guide, he told us that they were fishing nets. People set traps by the posts and retrieve their catch each day to feed their families and sell at the local floating markets.

Fishing Nets Across the Mekong

It was such a wonderful introductory experience to travel on the Mekong River. We had a great first day on the amazing river.

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