Goals: February Review and March Plan

So it is the 28th and realize it is time to analyze my goals and draft new goals. Here is how I did in February 2011.

  • 3 times drinking in February (It is Chinese New Year’s after all!)- not met, 5 times total
  • floss teeth 3 times per  week- met
  • eat NO dairy this month- met, I think (with the exception of some butter in baked goods)
  • only 4 meals where I eat meat per week, eggs are alright – ahh, not met at all. Like Cody said, I should have taken baseline before setting out to meet this one.
  • one chapter in Everyday Math teaching manual per week to prepare for IST- not met, on chapter 3
  • yoga or pilates 2 times per week- met
  • 1 new recipe per week- not met, 3 recipes total

Well, I could have done better with February. Overall, I met 3/7, but came close to quite a few. Now here is for March:

  • read chapters 3,4 & 5 in EM book
  • get first round of shots for Africa
  • do JM workout 1 time per week and yoga/pilates 1 time per week
  • start reading PYP information from Dami
  • comment on other blogs averaging 5 comments per week
  • 2 teacher blog posts per week on missrorey.blogspot.com and roreyrisdon.edublogs.edu
  • 1 new recipe per week
  • Ultimate Goal: meet 5/7 goals for March


Garden at Temple in Vietnam



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