Walking Snapshot Tour of Saigon

The same day as the Fine Art Museum, we decided just to walk around aimlessly and get a better feel for the city. Here are some of my favorite snapshots to give you a better idea of the city.

The things you see while traveling are amazing. People use all the resources they can to get around and make the most of it. We could publish a book about what we have seen loaded onto vehicles. On this trip, Cody actually spotted an elephant in the back of a pickup truck driving down the road but was unable to sneak a shot in time.


Moving Day?

I thought this was cute with the wild dog and the pet chicken. Often, in the US it is the other way around.


Keeping Chickens in the City

In the market we saw some really cool sights. I liked this woman selling things on the side of the road.


Taking a Break

Cody and I took a break at the side of the road and happened to find ourselves next to a local school. When we first sat down, we did not know, but soon, parents and other family members began showing up and waiting outside of the building gates. Pretty soon there were a ton of bikes and as soon as the gates opened on the hour, a ton of screaming kids crawled on the bikes where they could and rode off. It was madness but such a fun thing for us to see.


Families Waiting for Dismissal at a Local School

Another amazing thing was seeing the electricity poles throughout the city. They were wired up and such a mess I was surprised that anything worked and that everything did not catch on fire.


Electrical Poles

And my last snap shot is a shot of Cody and a glass bottle Coke. Every time we see one, we not only get one, but take a photo for Dutch.


Cody and a Glass Bottle Coke









5 thoughts on “Walking Snapshot Tour of Saigon

  1. Hay thanks for the coke cola i needed that
    Rorey you really have this blog down
    what a very good job your doing on this i have look some time back when you first started scene then i have been side tract some what hay spell checking too way to got thank you
    Miss you guys so much

    • Thanks Dutch. There our so many little things that make us remember your visit here. It was really special. See you soon!

  2. Rorey and Cody, thanks for a great blog. I enjoy seeing what you are doing in Malaysia. You can probably take pictures every time you turn around and have it be unique, fascinating or enlightening. Thanks for sharing with the world!
    Rorey, you visited my web page–thanks for the comment. Here is my latest blogging manners…Netiquette

    • Yes, it is like that for us in regards to photos. Every corner there is something new to see. We love being able to travel and share it with everyone. Teaching internationally is such a fantastic experience. Thanks for the update and happy blogging!

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