Ho Chi Minh City Art Museum

The following day, after our first bus tour, we walked around the city again. We set out with a plan to see some art, eat some good food and explore some local markets.

Our first stop was the Ho Chi Minh Art Museum. The Fine Arts Museum is open T-Su from 9:00 to 16:45 and the admission is 10,000 Dong which is about .5 USD. The museum is centrally located on Duc Chinh street just a few blocks from the Ben Thanh Market.

The building is a beautiful, old, French colonial relic. As we arrived, there was a school group just getting there.

Ho Chi Minh City Art Museum

The museum was not very crowded and was not too easy to navigate. You had to do a lot of back tracking out of dead ends which made the flow of the visit a little choppy.

At the museum there are some pretty interesting exhibits, but the coolest thing was that there was an artist working on a painting exhibition there and we got to look at what him and his company were doing.

Artist Supplies and Painting

Artist Supplies and Painting

The first two floors are contemporary exhibits. I took some photos of our favorite pieces by artists from Southeast Asia.

Cody and a Spiritual Brown Log

Music Boxes

Angel of Death is My Title for the Painting

The third and top floor has older pieces from the first to the 20th centuries. A lot of the pieces were similar to what we had seen on our previous visit to the Museum of Vietnamese History.

My Favorite Sculpture

Downstairs on the ground floor, there is an amazing courtyard that houses the museum’s sculpture garden. Also, out the gate of the courtyard, there are a lot of local art galleries selling affordable Vietnamese art from local artists. I have been kicking myself for not picking something up while I had the chance. The paintings we liked were expensive for us, but in hindsight, we should have gotten something, because in reality, all of the paintings were very unique to Vietnam and at really reasonable prices compared to the US.

Art Museum Courtyard


Mother and Children Sculpture



Cody Looking at Sculpture in Garden

It was a nice, quiet visit. The museum was not too crowded and I definitely recommend visiting while in Saigon.












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