Bloggy, Blogging and More Blogging

Ahhh…I am overwhelmed with how much time I spend on blogging. Right now I have this one, my heart and soul, and three other professional blogs.

I joined something called Teacher Challenge. It is awesome and Cody and I are into our second course. Each course is divided into different activities and the entire challenge runs for 30 days. The first one was on setting up a blog for educational professionals. Cody and I both jumped into this full force and both have professional teaching blogs that can be found at:

Miss Rorey and The Resource Roundup

The second challenge is teaching about getting students blogging. So…. after some thought and consideration, I realized that for Tanzania, I will need ANOTHER blog for my students. Right now I am using it as a public site to inform people about what I am doing in my classroom at The Learning Connection in Kuala Lumpur. The funny thing is though, I already have a classroom blog for my current classroom that is set on private and only for my parents of the students in my class. My new professional blog can be found at Miss Rorey’s Room.

So let’s see, has anyone been counting? Yes, I have 4 blogs. How do I get anything else done you may ask? Well, don’t ask Cody, because he will say that I am married to my computer and my blogs (and all of the other 100+ I subscribe to) are the culprits.

So my plea, is to not have any of this hard work be in vain. Please pass along the sites to people in the education profession or to parents or friends or anyone. Explore, leave some comments, add them to your RSS feed or do anything else you do with blogs. And remember, if you are thinking about starting a blog, be warned what it may lead to.


Awesome Artwork from a Student



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