Musuem of Vietnamese History

After the war museum we grabbed some lunch and took respite from the craziness on the street. We were seated upstairs and had a great view of the street. I saw this awesome site and was able to quickly snap a shot.

Balloon Bike

After lunch, we walked to the large park and zoo located at the end of Le Duan Street in District 1 and made a stop at the Museum of Vietnamese History. It is a museum showcasing Vietnam’s history with different exhibits from all periods. There are multiple galleries that are organized by different eras in Vietnamese history starting with the stone age.

Museum of Vietnamese History

There were beautiful gardens within the museum and some great pieces of work. They also have a small water puppet theater that shows a short puppet show a few times a day. It was fun and charming, but you are only going to see one show, go to the big theater which I will report on in a few days.

Sandstones Statues

The museum was very interesting and worth the visit if you are into history museums; plus it is only about 1 USD. We spent a few hours there and enjoyed it quite a bit.

After the museum, we walked outside and saw a class of art students sketching the adjacent temple. It brought me back to my art school days and made me long of a pad and some paper.


Sketching outside the Museum of Vietnamese History


We also saw some more art occurring right to the left of the temple. There was some street art happening right outside on the sidewalk and we took a moment to watch and snap a few photos. It was strange because they were painting on paper instead of the concrete and it was such a large space. We still can’t figure out why. The park has more to offer including a zoo and some beautiful gardens, and after spending the afternoon exploring the whole thing, we determined it was definitely worth a visit.


Street Art in Saigon


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