Buffalo Wing Popcorn

Cody has been very patient with my goal of 2 new recipes a week for the month of January. It has meant a few last-minute trips to the grocery store and some time spent both on the internet and in the kitchen, but it has been worth it.

A few nights ago, Cody got in the culinary spirit and decided to try a new recipe of his own, his own creation that it. So we had hot wings for dinner, made from the Franks I brought home from the US in October and there was a little of the sauce left over in the bottom on the bowl after we made the chicken.


Good on chicken. Why not on popcorn?

Well, waste not, want not, right? Right! Cody decided to pour the leftovers sludge right on top of popcorn he was making for our night of Boardwalk Empire. No kidding, and it actually would not have been terrible except for the thought of the chicken fat and the fact that it was a little burned. I would not necessarily suggest Franks on popcorn after it has been used on chicken, but straight from the bottle is delicious.


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