Walking Tour of Singapore

With a fresh nights sleep, we woke early and headed out to see the sights. We began by taking the rail system into the heart of Chinatown and walked all around from there. The station was about a 10 minute walk from our place and tickets were extremely easy to figure out. The city is extremely friendly for walkers and unbelievably safe and clean.

Singapore Buildings

Without really knowing where we were going, we ended up walking all around Chinatown. The weather was a lot hotter than Malaysia and after about 1 hour of walking around aimlessly, we were all hungry for some delicious Singapore grub. Cody and I had some congee and I picked up some turnip cake to share. Pat and Danielle decided on fresh juice, some noodles and barbecued pork. Everyone was happy with their selections and with the first taste, the Singapore food lived up to its reputation.

Danielle, Pat and Cody at a Food Court

After our pit stop, we were off for more walking. I spotted a temple and wanted to go in so we walked around the blog and found the entrance.

Chinese Temple in Singapore

Chinese Proverb

Pat and Cody Outside the Temple Gates

View From the Temple Doors

After the temple we wound our way to the waterfront to take in the scenery after a quick stop for drinks to get out of the heat and humidity. The waterfront was beautiful and there were many cool buildings to look at.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Singapore Waterfront

Sculpture on the Waterfront

Rorey and Cody in Front of the Fountain

Rorey and Cody by the Esplanade

It was a great day out and although we were exhausted after walking about 8 miles, it was so nice to be able to get out and see the sights without the help of traffic or taxis. Singapore is definitely a great city for walking.

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