Night One in Singapore

So, the first night in Singapore, we set off to explore the sights after settling in to the hostel. We found a great place to start our adventure and introduced Pat and Danielle to the tower. Cody and I have never actually ordered the tower, but we did not lead on until after that large tower of Tiger was sitting at our table.

After that, we walked around for a little while trying to find some more fun. As we were walking, we heard some live singing and thought it must be Karaoke, since the singing past time is so huge in Southeast Asia. We see a place called Ran-Gee-Laa and head in. Boy was that a mistake. The four of us walk in and realize that it is definitely not Karaoke, but instead, a place where Indian men go to have women dance for them. It was a little awkward to say the least, especially since myself and Danielle were the only other women in there other than the dancers getting paid. All eyes shot to us as soon as we walked in the door and I swear I heard the live band skip over the speakers. In the friendliest way possible, we ordered one pitcher of beer (that was so overpriced, we must have gotten the special “I’m a foreigner” deal) and sat sipping our drinks as fast as we could without showing everyone that we were sipping them as fast as we could with uncomfortable smiles plastered on our faces. Once our beers were finished, it took about one second of deliberation to decide to move on. As we left, I could see that we were not the only ones happy that we were leaving.

We walked around a little more and found somewhere to get snacks and drinks and then headed back to call it a night. There was enough fun and excitement for one night and we had to get a good rest for the following day of sight-seeing.

P.S. On the last day, we went back to Ran-Gee Laa to get a photo for our photo album.

Pat and Cody Doing a Ran-Gee-Laa Jig

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