Feel @ Home Hostel, Singapore

The four of us arrived at the Golden Mile Complex and were able to walk to our hostel on Arab street. Even though it was 10:30, the air was noticeably hotter and wetter than KL, and that would be a theme of the weekend but luckily, we were within 5 minutes of our temporary home, Feel @ Home Hostel.

The man and woman who run the hostel were there to greet us and get us settled in. He gave us a 6 bed dorm room for the night since it was not full and showed us around. The entire stay was great. The place is clean, comfortable and has lots of amenities. They serve a light breakfast, have a kitchen for use (which comes in handy when you want to keep your beer cold,) a small outdoor porch, wireless, beverages for sale and a place to play cards or watch TV on their nice flat screen. We had a nice session of Presidents and Assholes while tossing back some cold ones.

Cody and Pat Playing Cards

The couple, have two children who were around during our stay and the boys are very friendly and likable. It definitely felt like a family establishment, but with all of the freedoms you could hope for.

Feel @ Home is right next to the Mosque and is walking distance to many fun  eateries and hookah bars. It is also really close to the public rail system and bus stops. It was a very convenient location and has a beautiful view at night.

The View From the Porch

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