Mario Cart… ON THE BUS!

Cody’s friend Pat and his girlfriend Danielle, were in town for a week recently and we headed down to Singapore. It was awesome and there is more to come on our visit, but here is some info on the bus.

The bus is the best way to go from KL to Singapore and here is why:

  • tickets are pretty cheap and we can leave from 1 Utama, the mall right by our house
  • you can park at the outside lot of 1 Utama for RM 1 for as many days as you would like
  • no airport lines, security, crowded seats ect.
  • the seats on the bus are roomy and have a massage function inside of them, so you can get a little back relief on the way down
  • they provide you with free snacks
  • each seat has its own monitor with movies
  • AND video games, including Mario Cart

Mario cart, on the bus! How cool is that? I know Cody loved it.


Video game face

Mario Cart!



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