Visit to Petronas Towers

The last two weeks of mom’s holiday was filled to the brim with everything that we did not get done the previous weeks. Believe it or not two months really fly by and we were crunched for time at the end of her visit. One of the things we HAD TO DO before she left was take her to the Petronas Towers. Cody and I had never been up in the towers before but we knew we wanted to take mom.

We tried to go a week earlier and got there around 8 a.m. to wait in line to get tickets, but it we arrived too late and were unable to get them so we decided to try again on a weekday. The morning of our visit, Cody and I got up to go to work and mom took a taxi down to the towers to wait in line to get tickets. She was able to get tickets without her whole party there which made it nice because we heard rumors that everyone had to be there and there was no way that was going to happen with us working.

Mom spent the day walking around the city and as soon as Cody and I got off of work, we headed downtown in a taxi. We found mom, without the help of a working cell phone, and had a half an hour to spare so we grabbed a snack. After a snack we headed into the exhibit area to wait for our group to go. When it is time, they lead you into a movie theater to see a short film about Petronas and then guide you through a metal detector and then to the elevator. The control board on the elevator had more buttons than I had ever seen in my life and although I wanted to press every one of them, the crowds keep me in line. I had to settle for a photo (which can’t be seen because Cody does not look very good in it.)

When we got up there, we were led directly out onto the sky bridge. It is pretty cool. You can see very far on a clear day and it is not a frightening as I expected it to be given a slight fear of heights. You can look out both sides and get a good view of the city.



Cody and Susan Looking out of the Petronas Towers

Cody and Rorey Taking in the Sights

Rorey and Susan at the Petronas Towers


The only thing about the towers that left a lot to be desired was the time limit up on the bridge. I understand why this is necessary, but boy they get you in and out in a hurry. In addition, they are a little pushy when getting you back in the elevator.


Cody on the Sky Bridge


After leaving the sky bridge, we headed into the KLCC mall and got some dinner. After dinner it was just becoming dark so we headed outside to check out the Petronas Towers from the ground. The KLCC mall has a very nice park with fountains and seating. We joined the many other visitors and checked out the sights.


Petronas Towers

Susan and Cody at KLCC Fountain

After visiting the park, we walked across the way to Sky Bar in the Traders Hotel. It has one of the best views of the towers at night and is just a very nice place to have a low-key visit and a drink. Mom was amazed at the view and the pool in the middle of the bar was pretty cool too. Overall, it was a nice afternoon and we got to check off a few things on our eve growing list of what to do while visiting KL.


Susan at Sky Bar


Sky Bar




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