Keeping Fruit in SE Asia

Both Cody and I eat lots of fruit. When grocery shopping in the states, our cart is usually filled with fruit such as apples, bananas and oranges, but now in Malaysia it also includes year round purchases of watermelon, papaya, dragon fruit, pineapple, mango, ect.

Well, while mom was here we bought a watermelon. Growing up, the only thing I knew my mom would not eat is watermelon, and that has not changed, but we bought it none the less. Well, only two days later, after returning home from work, we walked in the house and smelled something awful. I discovered a clear liquid dripping out of the watermelon and found out where the smell was coming from. While I went to get a trash bag to throw the melon away, mom picked it up and it literally exploded out of her hands. It was as soft and mushy as melted ice cream inside and the skin was paper-thin. Liquid watermelon seeped ever where and the smell it gave off was extremely offensive, even for this watermelon lover.

Long story short, it took more than a week to clean it up entirely and sometimes, many months later, I can still walk into the apartment and get a whiff of the odor. We learned a very important lesson, eat fruit right away or don’t buy it because it will go bad quicker than you can say “oh, god, what is that smell.”


Watermelon Mess

Close-Up Exploding Watermelon


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