Mama in Malacca

On another one of our holidays we traveled to Malacca. Yes, it took a long time to get down there due to our challenging car, getting lost and the lack of street signs and yes it was uncomfortable due to the squelching heat in the car without aircon, but we finally got there.

The first day was spent finding a guest house, getting a snack, playing cards and having drinks at Geography Bar, walking around, taking photos, eating lunch and going to the night market; the perfect SE Asian tourist day.

Malacca is an old coastal trade route town right on the Straits of Malacca. The history has both Portuguese and Dutch influences due to settlements. It has a beautiful river running down the center of it, although they say that it is terribly polluted.

Malacca Tour Boat

Rorey and Susan In Front Of The Windmill

That night we saw the tuk-tuks all lit up at night. We still did not ride in one, but they were beautiful to look at, just as the entire city was at night. I think that Portland or Oakland should adopt these evening gems. Maybe I will move back and bring some SE Asian flare to Cascadia.

Twinkle Bike

Malacca at Night

After a good nights sleep, we set out the following day to see more sights. Cody and Mom decided to dress like twins so that I would not be able to lose them during our sightseeing.


Susan and Cody Dressed like Twins

They also could have bought these other matching t-shirts to take home, but they passed. Cody wanted me to take a photo for Jessica for her Couples That Look Like Siblings webpage.


Twinsies T-Shirts

Mom found a tour group to follow after spotting the flag and got to listen in to some of the tour. Too bad it was not in English.


Susan Following the Tour


After walking around and seeing the sights, we stumbled along this wonderful thing to do in Malacca. There is an art gallery where you can make your own batik painting for RM 15. There are many different images to choose from and you have the option of silk or cotton fabric. All of the materials are included in the cost as well as some basic instruction. Mom and I got a little frustrated with the forceful instructor who came over to “help us” with out paintings. He basically came in, took over our seats, and went to town. I had to take a “break” and mom basically told him to buzz-off. When we found out that he was “the artist” of the studio and a very talented and well-respected artist, we felt a little bad.


Susan Painting her Batik in Malacca


Cody Painting his Batik


Three Completed Masterpieces


The Real Master at Work











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