Mom brought us a puzzle for the summer and low and behold, it was a Golden Gate Bridge puzzle. Needless to say we handled it in about two days. And who knew Cody did puzzles too. Oh, the compatibility is sometimes surprising.

Where does this blue piece go?

Oh, there it is.

Our family has done a ton of puzzles with hundreds of pieces. During holiday break, my mom and I would take over the kitchen table with a huge puzzle. When my friends came over, after months away at college, before we were supposed to go out, we would get engrossed in the puzzle and decide to stay in. We virtually got obsessed.

Some things never change. A few weeks after the San Francisco puzzle was finished, we went to the Petronas towers, and in the gift shop, what did we find? A twin towers puzzle. Well, we finished it, but boy was it difficult. Our first indication should have been that the back of the pieces had an alphabet grid on it with a corresponding “puzzle key.” I thought it was totally bunk to have a puzzle cheat sheet, but if I knew then what we soon found out, I would not have even paid any mind. Well, the puzzle turned out to be impossible. I was the first of the three of us to turn it over, and try to solve the puzzle upside down. “Creating puzzles” goes on the long list of items that Malaysia needs help with.

Hooray! Finished.

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