Pizza and Guinness Cake

The evening we got home from Genting, we went out for pizza because we were starving. Luckily, right down stairs at Deutsches Gasthause, Damansara Perdana, they serve the best pizza in the area and we also got a great green salad (also a rarity in Damansara Perdana.) Cody and I order it for delivery very often from Shooters Bar right down the way at two in the morning when we have had one too many and we get so hungry we just can’t wait to get home.

Two Simply Delicious Pizza's in Damansara Perdana

After pizza and beers, we headed over to our friends house to celebrate a family members 60th Birthday. My mom was excited because she turns 60 this year too. The Birthday girl is a Guinness freak so, of course, she had a Guinness cake. Not only did it look awesome, it tasted absolutely delicious. Thanks for inviting us to the Birthday party guys!

Guinness Birthday Cake

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