Genting Highlands

The weekend after Penang, Cody and I took mom to another Malaysian holiday destination. We took another bus ride to Genting Highlands, although this ride was considerably shorter yet, a tone more exciting. The driver was taking hair pin turns way too fast for me and my stomach and I was glad they had seat belts on the ride since I was in fear of my life.

Genting is a mini-Malaysian Vegas. With that said, I like it, but I do not entirely love it. It is a set of resorts on the top of a jungle hilltop with nothing around, although you would not be able to see anything anyways, due to the thick wall of clouds that encase the hilltop. Mom got to wear some of the warm clothes she brought and Cody and I got a nice dose of cool, fresh air.

Genting View

Hotel at Genting Resort

We arrived, took a walk around and got some brunch at a deli there. The food was good and they had gourmet doughnuts. Yum!

Mom Eating a Lemon Pistachio Doughnut

After a light snack, we hit up the casinos. The slots were not so hot for us, but mom was excited because the 5 cent machines are the equivelent of less than 2 cent machines in the states, and the games were pretty fun. Up, down, up, down, down, down. That is how the gambling progression happened during the day for all of us.

The number one reason for our visit to Genting was to attend the 9th Genting World Lion Dance Competition 2010. Cody and I got complimentary tickets last time we were up in Genting with the original thought of taking mom and it worked out perfectly. The Arena of Stars was perfect for the event. While there, we found out that the US had some teams competing and it was great to see some local culture expressed by some fellow Americans.

Arena of Stars Lion Dance Competition

Two Dancers Practicing

Lion Dance Competition, Genting Malaysia

Lion Dancers

What is amazing is that there are two people under each lion doing the acrobatics. We unfortunately saw one person fall. It was pretty unfortunate and scary since they are up there so high. I have uploaded a video of the Lion Dance on YouTube so check it out.

After the competition, we headed back to the bus and back down to hot, sticky KL, but not before getting mom one more twinkle light photo. It was a great way to spend the day and totally doable as a day trip. We will definitely look for the event next year.

Susan in Genting Resort

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