Penang, Part II

After recharging our batteries, we headed out for a walking tour of the waterfront. We were successful with our mission to see some more of the city before the coming rain.

Streets of Penang

Penang Building

We took mom into Little India and she got to witness some of the loud, colorful sights that any Indian neighborhood has to offer. We stepped into some fabric shops, bought some local Malaysian rap at a music store and got some samosas for us to munch on.

Little India, Penang

Penang Bikers

They were having an art event with street art placed throughout the city. We found a stack of art chairs and found some chalk art on the street.

Lots and Lots of Chairs

Chalk Flower in Penang

Mom enjoyed the rest at the waterfront before going back to the hotel. We got some drinks and rested while checking out the fishing, boats and cranes.

Resting on the Sea Wall

That night in Penang, there was going to be the Japanese Bon-Odori festival with plenty of food, dancing, musicians and exhibits. The festival celebrates the Buddhist holiday that originated in Japan to pay tribute to the ancestral spirits.

Bon-Odori Festival Dancers

Human Chair at Bon-Odori Festival

We went back our rooms early and continued the fun. After we got a bit to eat, some cards and beers, we went next door to play cards. The corn was delicious and the burger was sloppy but extremely tasty.

Snacking on Sweet Corn Street Food

Chicken Burger with Egg

The following morning we found the new location for one of the best Chinese restaurants in Penang, Teksen. Last time we ate there we were with Zack and it was located in a little packed food stall right up the street. The food was so good that on that first trip we ate there twice and this trip was no different. The Teochew fish was still delicious and everything else was so yummy.

Teksen Restaurant, Penang

Teochew Fish

After lunch, we loaded up our things and headed out on foot to the bus station. The bus from 1 Utama to Penang was easy to take and relatively cheap. It does take a long time, but the five hours flies by with the head rest televisions and the many movies available. It was another great, tasting tour of Penang.

Susan and Rorey Leaving Penang

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