Mom’s Trip

Mom has been gone for one whole month and I am going to visit the US today. I just yesterday wrote a post about the last night Jess was in town so therefore I am a little tardy with my posts about mom’s solo visit. I am going to catch-up soon starting now.

The first trip we went on with mom was to Penang. We found a room at a place Cody and I had stayed at a few months prior. Of course, on the first day, we had to make our first stop a Dim Sum breakfast. Mom was a good sport about the whole thing even though she does not like fish too much and eating a big breakfast is not her thing.

Susan at Dim Sum

After our great breakfast we were all fueled up to spend a hot and steamy day walking around the town. Within the first 5 minutes of walking, we were invited in to a makeshift art studio by a smiling old man. Inside was a show of all of his work. He had paintings, sketches, and sketch books. With further investigation, we found out that he lived in Oakland for a few years in the 70’s and worked in Richmond. It was great seeing his sketches of the Bay Area and talking with him.

We continued on to the famous Khoo Kongsi Clan House in Penang. The house had been turned into a wonderful museum where we looked around and learned history about not only the Clan organization but Penang as a whole.

Khoo Kongsi Clan House Side Entrance

Susan Looking at the Exhibits

Light Box Exhibit

Susan In Front of the Khoo Kongsi Clan Kitchen

Paintings in the Clan House

Clan House Wall Art

Susan and Rorey at the Clan House

Susan In Front of the Main Entrance at Khoo Kongsi Clan House

After the Khoo Kongsi Clan House we went to another Clan house. Cody and I had been to the Cheah Kongsi Clan House with our friend Zack when he visited last December. It is smaller and more understated than the first house we visited, but it is a little more charming and has more character. It is tucked away right off of Armenian Street in the heritage district and a little hard to find but way worth it.

Cody and Susan Entering the Cheah Kongsi Clan House

Cheah Kongsi Side Entrance

Statue Outside Cheah Kongsi Clan House

Mother/Daughter? No, twin-sies!

Exiting the Clan House

After all of the sigh seeing, we were tired and hungry and mom was in desperate need of some coffee. Luckily we found the cutest little coffee nook right next to the Clan House on Armenian Street called Amelie. It was darling. It is run by a cute, young couple who are super sweet. The coffee is magnificent and the food is great. It is a tad over priced, but with that said, I would go back in a heartbeat.

Amelie Cafe in Penang Malaysia

Amelie Cafe in Penang, Malaysia

The menus were made of recycled cardboard with hand painted art on the cover and the food was delicious and fresh. Cody had homemade pasta, mom had fresh granola and I had a yummy brownie.

Menus at Amelie

Inside Amelie Cafe

After recharging our bodies, we set out again for more adventures. We popped our head inside an old antique shop and looked at some items for sale. The shop was packed to the brim with dusty, rusted items and there were children running around everywhere. It was challenging my claustrophobic tendencies, so I stepped outside to photograph some bikes.

Penang Antique Shop on Armenian Street

Antique Bike

(Part two of our day soon to come.)

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