You Ate What?

Crickets, we ate crickets. On our second trip to Cambodia, Cody had a mission to get into the true spirit of the place and try some local food. Snakes, spiders, ants, crickets are all on the menu, but thanks to Hoy, we just happened to find a street stall selling crickets and other insects.

Cody, Hoy and Jess checking out the snacks for sale

I was willing to try one, but one was not enough for Cody, he bought a whole bag. The snack was not too bad; it tasted a little musty and was very crunchy but not terrible. Cody took them back to the hotel and dug in. I was finished after my first cricket, just so I could say I did it, but Cody kept eating them. It was definitely something to try once, but next time we go, I will try to find another local snack that I like better.


Cody chowing down

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