Lake Village, Cambodia

The second day of our Cambodia trip, Hoy, our driver, took us out to the lake village. The sky was clear blue and the weather was great. We got there early in the afternoon and took the boat ride out there.

Mom, Me, Hoy and Jess on the Boat to Lake Village

The boat ride took about 30 minutes and gave us a good chance to check out the Cambodian country side. We say families fishing, selling their catches, cooking on their house boats, fixing engines and the such.

House Boats in Cambodia

Cambodian Fishing Boats

Fishing on the River

As we were approaching the lake village, the river expanded out to a vast span of water where there were large multiple story barges or rafts with stores, restaurants and other items to pull in the tourists. Unfortunately, mom lured over some children with snakes which sparked Jess’s phobia, but luckily mom took a picture as soon as she could and got them out of there after paying them a dollar. (Be forewarned, if you take a photo, the people in boats will hassle you for cash and probably not leave if you do not pay them. This typically sparks other people coming over for cash too, so be leery.)

Approaching the Lake Village

Boat on Lake

During our visit, we got off the boat and had a look around. We immediately encountered some crocodiles and some more snakes to the dismay of Jess. We quickly overlooked these animals and found some peace with the beautiful view and some shopping. All in all, the highlight of the day was the boat ride out and back. If just for the ride, I would do it again.

Crocodile at Lake Village

View from Lake Village

View from the Top of the Lake Village Barge

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