Awesome Perhentian Lunch Spot

After moving down the beach to Bubu we decided we needed to find a good place to eat and stat. The food at Bubu was a little out of our price range and after some searching, we found the perfect spot. The restaurant was a little hut right down the beach with four tables, a book exchange, excellent food and a wonderful view.

We ate there every day for lunch and just loved it and after discovering their milkshakes, we loved it even more. I was the first to give them a try, and everyone decided to partake after tasting mine. There were oreo and snickers shakes, as well as tropical fruit ones. Our favorites varied, but I would definitely recommend any of the many flavors.

I ended up having the same delicious tuna and egg sandwich every day while mom, Jess and Cody sampled the various Asian dishes. Yummy! Each afternoon, we left relaxed, satisfied, pleased and with money for the following day (the prices were very cheap!)

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