Buckets and Buckets

The first time we encountered the infamous “bucket” was in Koh Tao with our friend Zack. Koh Tao is quite the party island and I guess that is what happens when you drink buckets of booze. A bucket is just what it sounds like. Get a bucket, add some alcohol, a mixer, many straws and drink.

I was surprised to see buckets on the Perhentian Islands since we were in Malaysia, but when in Rome, do as the Romans I suppose. I mean, other than the fact that Malaysia is a mostly Muslim country, we still were on a tropical island with many vacationing foreigners so I guess the bars on the Perhentian Islands got the bucket message (sell them and cheaply.)

Mom and Jess had no idea what these buckets were that we kept talking about so we had to show them.

I can safely say, between the four of us, we only finished one bucket. But we still left looking like this!

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