Backpacker Heaven/Hell

So, we found a spot to rest our weary heads, Panorama Beach Chalets. At first it seemed great. First off, it was available, second, there was a decent restaurant and third, there were many, many people there which is usually a good sign. Well, Cody and I got two rooms and gave Mom and Jess the nice room, or so we thought. Theirs had a bathroom, an air con unit with a fan and a bug net, ours was a box, with a bed. But at least our bed had a box spring. And that was the first problem. Mom and Jess had no mattress on their bed.

Long story short, it was a heaven/hell situation. Their room had 1. a disgusting restroom, 2. bedbugs, 3. a Godzilla-esq mystery Southeast Asian lizard that attacked my sister and 4. domestic violence screaming through the next room walls. We were in paradise, but it was not paradise. Mom and Jess made it 1.5 nights, but at about 5:00  in the morning they gave-up and headed down to the beach to get some respite. It was VERY nice of them not to wake us up and crawl in bed with us, although, considering, I think they should have.

The next morning, the only thing they requested from us (other than moving to a classy resort down the beach) was that I take photos and document the experience.

I wish I could have photo-documented my sister being attacked by the lizard. Then at least we would have a photo of it and be able to tell what it was.

2 thoughts on “Backpacker Heaven/Hell

  1. Wow, you girls are having some time. Wish I could have been there to share that experience with all of you!

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