Day One: Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

Jess, Mom, Cody and I spent 5 glorious nights in paradise, aka The Perhentian Islands. A short flight/taxi/boat ride brought us right to the white sandy beach with our backpacks in tow.

When we arrived our “reservation” was not reserved for us so we had to look elsewhere. Just one of the charms of a very tiny backpacking island. It was too early to try to check-in anywhere else so we got some drinks and parked our bags in the sand.

After a short search, we found two rooms at Panorama. One luxury chalet with air con and a bathroom and one room with a fan. (Both rooms turned out a little differently than we expected but more on that later.) From the appearance, we all thought we hit the jackpot and felt relieved to find a room given such a busy time of year.

After finding a room we hit up the beach and enjoyed the white silky sand and the baby blue bathwater. It was such a fantastic day.

One thought on “Day One: Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

  1. Hi there to all you gals! Glad to hear you made it there and having a great time — such an adventure! I’ll be keeping tabs on ya all-keep the pic’s and tales coming. happy belated B-day Rorey, I still can’t believe you are now a grown woman who can find your Mom a great vacation job. be well -K

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