Rorey’s Birthday

Rorey is celebrating her Birthday in Malaysia today.  It is incredible to think that last year at this time we were in Las Vegas.  Even more of a surprise is that her mom was in Vegas for that celebration and now in Malaysia this time around.  Life can be pretty amazing if you are willing to take chances and follow your dreams.  

Vegas Rorey's birthday


Going out in Malaysia for your birthday: 

Trying to think about where to eat, it was decided that sushi was the food of choice.  Unfortunately when you come from SF-Berkely, CA one of the best places in the US for sushi, moving to Southeast Asia has been a disappointment when trying to find good sushi places.  We have tried a few in our local area of PJ.  I hate to say it, but so far the best has been at a buffet.  Not only that, but the buffet is in a mall.  This of course makes sense to us living in Mall-asia, where your life tends to revolve around the mall.  I would never go to a mall for sushi in the states but we’re not in Cali anymore.  

The sushi buffet in PJ is called Shogun, Japanese Buffet.  Here is a quick link to some feedback about the buffet:  This is a good option for those who can eat a lot of sushi (me) and those who do not eat sushi (Rorey’s mom).  Shogun has sushi, tempura, clams, fried noodles, crab, steam boat and more.  The trays continue to be well stocked throughout the entire meal even on a busy night.  The tempura can be a bit behind and a short wait might be necessary as they are cooking it freshly all night.  I personally will wait 2 minutes to get it hot and crispy.  Shogun is located in 1 Utama shopping mall along the LDP.  How do you know you are eating sushi in Malaysia?  There is a hotdog sushi roll.  Yes, hotdogs go in everything here, except in a bun with mustard apparently.  

Happy Birthday Rorey. Here is to Spain and watching the World Cup at Souled Out on your birthday.

3 thoughts on “Rorey’s Birthday

  1. Oh, I’m just a bit late on the upswing! Happy Birthday, Rorey
    Another fine year of your presence on the earth.

  2. I saw and purchased a platter of assorted sushi at Costco today. It was Liam’s first foray into the brave world of raw fish…he chomped it down pretty well! Coincidences happen…

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