Batu Caves: Take III

Since we had visitors, we had to take them to the Batu Caves. It is a short day trip every one of our guests will experience during their stay with us and Mom and Jess were no exception. We woke early and headed out before it got too hot. Since last there, we noticed some renovations that made the visit more enjoyable including a paved parking lot and some sidewalks.

After you walk up the hundreds of stairs and walk through the dripping wet cave, you come to this sight. To make it even better, there are chickens and monkeys running around like crazy.

It was much of the same on the third visit, but it was exciting for Mom and Jess to see some naughty monkeys. We found a mama monkey carrying around a little baby and had a good time watching a very dumb woman trying to pet the mama and the baby. On the way down we also experienced a woman being attacked by a very grumpy unprovoked monkey.

One thought on “Batu Caves: Take III

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