Traveling to Angkor Wat

Our last day in Cambodia, we got up bright and early and headed out to Angkor Wat. It was incredible and hard to explain with words. If you are able to make the trip, please go and see the temple for yourself because it is not to be missed. Here are Cody and I at the back of the main temple. This is the very back of the temple and one of the most famous views of the temple.

This hallway shows the high ceilings and the massive stone pillars. It is toward the entrance of the temple and all along the left wall there is the bas-relief stone carvings that show scenes of stories about heaven and hell depicted from history and mythology.

This is the bridge into the temple.

2 thoughts on “Traveling to Angkor Wat

    • Yeah, there will be more of the same views when we head to Cambodia for the second time, but hopefully we’ll change it up a little and have some new stuff for y’all to see. We are having a fantastic time!

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