Night Festivities in Siem Reap

Dutch went back to the hotel to rest after our first big day in Seam Reap while we went out to explore the night events. We took a motorbike cart ride from the hotel for a few US dollars and got to the main street within 5 minutes.

Cody and I walked up and down the street looking for a good place to eat and get some drinks and instead found a fish spa. If you have not heard us talk about fish spas, you are now in luck. A fish spa, pictured below, is a water bath of fish that you put your feet in so that the fish can eat the dead skin off of your feet and “clean” them. It is a huge craze here and people love it. I find it a funny novelty, but after speaking to a friend who will never get one because she heard that you can get foot fungus from them (which makes sense to me now that I think of it) I will now never get one. To tell you the truth, I think my feet are too ticklish to get a foot spa, but that hypothesis will have to go unproven.

Fish Doctor in Cambodia

We found a night market off of the main street with lots of high quality cheap goods. They take US currency and we found lots of bargains. The t-shirts we got for $2 were all of good soft cotton with great graphics and the other household decorations we bought were of the highest handicraft for very reasonable prices. The wall of old Tin-Tin metal plates was one of my favorite finds.

Although the night market was great, we went back to one store on the main street that I recommend for souvenirs. It is called the Rajana Association for Cambodia Arts and Crafts. The organization is an income generation and skill training project which provides employment for many Cambodians.  Some of you may have received gifts from the shop that were sent home with Dutch. Cody bought a crane mobile for his parents. Below are pictures of Mr. Clay making them. He makes these for Rajana in Kravan village near Angkor Wat. He uses Ka-nhung wood and it takes him 3 days to make one large crane mobile. I encourage anyone in Siem Reap to support them or make a donation if you are in the area. If you would like more information, they have a great website at

After the shopping we found a quiet bar off of the main drag to have a few drinks before heading home. We made our own car bombs with their local ABC stout. Quite delicious if I do say so myself. The perfect ending to a perfect day.

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