Elephant Terrace and Baphuon at Angkor Thom

Elephant Terrace and Baphuon Temple are both very close to Bayon Temple within the walls of Angkor Thom.

We took a breather right on the wall of Elephant Terrace. The 350 meter Elephant Terrace is named because of the carvings of elephant faces on the eastern wall. This was originally used as a meeting place for ceremonies and as the grand audience hall for the King.

Cody and I went on to Baphuon through the woods and returned via the bridge below.

Baphuon, located northwest of Bayon, was being renovated during our visit so we walked up to the temple but did not explore inside.

To the right of the bridge I took a photo of a man sitting in one of the wall frames. He looked so peaceful and I just couldn’t resist creeping up on him.

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