Oh Cambodia, How I Love Thee (visit to Ta Prohm)

I can hands down say that the best place we have been so far in SE Asia is Siem Reap (pronounced See-em Rep.) We have not traveled around too much, so you may be thinking, how could we know, but believe me, the best. Chang Mai was quaint and cozy, Koh Tao was party beach central, Tioman was a relaxing oasis for snorkelers, and KL is home, but Cambodia…Wow! Siem Reap is full of kind people, beautifully amazing temples, rich history and cheap night markets.

We arrived at the airport around 8 am. We paid our hefty $25 US visa fee, exchanged some cash and found a taxi to our hotel, The Royal Empire. Our taxi driver was great and offered to be our driver for our entire visit for a reasonable fee. Check-in was not until much later so we washed up and headed our for our first glimpse of the temples.

Day one began with Ta Prohm. This temple is known for the banyan trees that have grown over the temple walls. We were also told quite frequently that it was the temple where Tomb Raider was filmed.

During our visit, they were in the process of restoring the temple. It was a little noisy and a little intrusive but made for some interesting images.

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