Tioman Waterfull

We all took a boat ride to the south of the island to do this waterfall hike. This is what the sign looked like.

Tioman Waterfall

The weather could not have cooperated more for the hike. It was cool, cloudy and pleasant. The hike up was not too strenuous and it was a beautiful sight at the top.

The day was supposed to start there and then proceed to some snorkeling, a local village stop for some exploration and some other beach stops but by the time we got down to the pier to catch our boat, the cool, cloudy weather turned into a full fledged storm.

So we hopped in the boat and tried our luck out at sea. The plan was to go to the village right away instead of snorkel and see if we could wait out the storm. That plan did not pan out. As we were out in the open water, the waves grew, the rain pelted us harder and the boat rocked and bumped around making all of our bodies sore.

We called it a day and headed back to the resort.

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