Snorkeling on Tioman Island

The second day, the three of us chartered a boat and went out snorkeling for the day to other islands in the area. My old roommate, Jessica, traveled to Tioman a couple of years ago and recommended the trip. She encouraged us to spend the money and do it. Although it was a little more than we planned on spending (RM 400 or about 125 US) it was super cheap considering the private boat, friendly guide and entire day of fun in the sun. The boat also provided masks and snorkels but no fins, so we brought our own. This allowed us to swim the entire day and be at ease in the water.

We went out to some islands off of Tioman. One large one called Coral Island and one very tiny one right near the resort called Renggis Island. On Coral Island we made two stops and the snorkeling was very good. The water was clear and warm, the coral was good and there were lots of fish to see. During our swim Cody saw a black tipped shark twice and he was nice enough to not tell me until I was out of the water.

We stopped for lunch in a tiny little town with our guide. Cody and I learned the local word for omelet and have been using it frequently since returning. After lunch we walked around the town and searched for souvenirs.

Here is one of my scrappy island friends. I made a few during our stay.

malaysian island cat

After lunch we went to another island and had the best snorkeling if the day. The water was clear, the coral was beautiful and the sea life was great. Cody and Dutch saw a sting ray and thank god we stayed away from the deadly sea snakes that kill you. I was keeping far from the rocks as much as possible. The swim around the island against the current was very challenging and thankfully we had fins.

Update 5/1/2011: If you are looking for some tours in Tioman, check out this website. It has some really great resources. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Snorkeling on Tioman Island

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