Berjaya Resort Pulau Tioman

We finally arrived to our resort on Pulau Tioman after 12 straight hours of travel. For those planning a visit, listen to me and TAKE THE FLIGHT! Spring for the airplane and it will make the first moment of your time on Tioman much more enjoyable than ours. Either way you go though, Berjaya will pick you up either at the marina or at the airport which makes it very nice and the bus ride to the resort is only about 5 minutes.

We woke up early the following morning and took a walk around to check out the resort. Our adjoining rooms were right next to the beach so this is what we saw when we walked out of our rooms. All along the beach they have umbrellas, chairs and chair pads looking out toward the ocean. Pretty nice if you ask me.

Our rooms were on the bottom level of a 4 plex and the rooms were pretty nice. The sheets were crisp and clean, the beds and pillows were pleasantly firm and the A/C and hot water worked great. They serviced the rooms each day and provided each room with tea, coffee and 2 free bottles of water a day, which was a nice perk.

The Berjaya Beach Resort in Tioman has a great pool and pool bar that we frequented. Although the beach was right there, we found ourselves poolside for swimming and relaxing more than at the beach.

The resort has a few good restaurants including our favorite, the Thai/Indian one to the left of the bar which has a quiet more intimate feel than the buffet eatery and serves great food. If you are looking for a more budget option and you are from the area or are feeling adventurous with the cuisine you eat, head out to the street, past the gate and the bridge and have your choice of two great local eateries. We ate at both of them and they were both great with extremely friendly staff. The local mamak on the right serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is opened late, you can bring your own beer and the fresh BBQ is worth the wait. The Chinese place on the left has good food, a nice atmosphere since you can sit outside on the sand and has a pet monkey that you can play with after you make friends with the wait staff.

The beaches and sights around Berjaya are spectacular. The best beach is past the dive shop and dock towards the left if you face the ocean. It is realtivly private and you could possibly have the whole beach to yourself. Cody and I walked down one afternoon and traveled to the end of the beach We only saw four other people the entire 1.5 hour walk.

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