KLCC Aquaria

About a month ago, when Cody and I went to MATTA we bought two tickets to the KLCC Aquarium. The tickets were about to expire so on the last day we went with Dutch to check it out. First we went to the huge KLCC mall and checked out the Petronas towers up close. The aquarium is in the same area so it was very convenient to hit up both.

The aquarium was more impressive than I thought it was going to be. There were lots of local animals for display and we got to learn a little about the insects, reptiles and fish we were going to see in Tioman. The first display was for the insects and I shot this gem of a photo. It is not too impressive considering they were all models, but then when you think about that, it was even more impressive because someone placed these insects in this pose front and center. Ha!

Cody played a little with this funny turtle and then we went on to see the fish.

They had this great long underwater tunnel with a ton of huge sharks, rays and fish.

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