Dutch Arrives and the Party Begins

Cody’s father arrived and the fun has begun. We picked him up from the airport with perfect timing and headed to the condo. He joined us for a nice meal downstairs and then headed to bed. The next day we hung out at the pool and then had Cody’s Birthday Party downstairs at Shooters.

Lots of friends joined us to celebrate another year of Cody. There was great food from two local restaurants, lots of good drinks, nice music and some fierce pool. Many of our colleagues and some parents of our students came and it was such a nice evening. It was great to introduce Dutch to the people who we spend the most time with in Malaysia.

Happy Birthday Cody!

3 thoughts on “Dutch Arrives and the Party Begins

  1. Hi,
    Came across your blog by chance and thought I’d let you know, it’s great to hear that you’re having a nice time in KL!
    I’m a local malay KL-ite and it’s interesting to know how expats like yourself feel about our country (esp. coming from someone as positive as you).
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your days here, selamat datang!

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