And…. Dinner Number Four

Our night of excess continued. We had yet another meal. This was the most important one though, because it allowed us to wake up the next morning sans hangover. If there is one thing I learned from Taki I have learned, if you tie one on, eat a late night meal. So we went to KFC.

It was delicious. And if you think it was bad that we were there at 4:30 in the morning, check out the pretty, pretty princess over my right shoulder. That’s right, a little girl was there with all of the night crowd. And her mom, whom was with here, looked like a piece of work. I wonder if, as teachers and mandatory reporters in the US, we are expected to report child abuse while in Malaysia because it was not right on any level for this little girl to be in KFC. And don’t worry, there will be no more meal posts from our night of excess. KFC was the last stop.

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