Dinner Number Three… You heard me, number three

After chicken wings and frog, we journeyed on and went to a bar that a friend of Taki owns. It is supposedly the best fish and chips place in KL and I would believe it because when we got there for fish and chips, they were sold out. (It was about eleven.) And the name also convinced me…The Magnificent Fish and Chips Shop.

We sat with the owner Paul and began to thoroughly enjoy the night to its fullest. Since they were out of fish we decided on some beer, Irish car bombs, molten chocolate cake, and in the spirit of Easter (since it was) some hot crossed buns. These were not on the menu but Paul’s chef had made them especially for him for the holiday and they were great.

The night wore on and we sat there watching the crowds, listening to good music and playing with our newly acquired toys from the night market. It was a great stop during our evening of excess.

P.S. Just an update on The Magnificent Fish and Chip Shop. We went back there the following Tuesday to get the fish and chips and boy was it great. They have a long list of fish that you can choose from and the fish is so big it is difficult to finish. We will definitely go back for more and if you are looking for a great appetizer while you are there, try the shrimp cakes. They are yum, yum.

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