Momotalo for Dinner

Taki took us to another great dinner. It was something like I had never seen. They take small charcoal BBQ’s and place them on your table while your waitress cooks for you. You can choose to cook for yourself, but it was fun talking to her and watching her cook the food. The other reason is that when they cook it, you know it will turn out the right way. I also suspect that Taki was secretly taking notes on her cooking methods.

Taki ordered for us and there was meat, seafood, chicken and other delicious tasty treats. The salmon and the scallops were by far my favorite and Cody enjoyed the beef. We are planning on taking Dutch there and anyone else who comes out to visit. It was definitely a great experience. Thanks Taki!

2 thoughts on “Momotalo for Dinner

    • Dad, I really appreciate your comments. It makes me happy and reminds me that you are reading it and thinking of me, as I think of you everyday. I Love You!

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