The Smokehouse in Bangsar

A weekend or two ago, we were invited to The Smokehouse for dinner by the parents of one of Cody’s students. They run the restaurant here in KL and there is also one further away in Fraser’s Hill. The Smokehouse is a great little restaurant in Bangsar, right next to Bangsar Village and Bangsar Village II. You walk in and you are transformed to another time. Everything on the walls was brought back from England to make it seem like a real English country house. The relics are fun to look at and the furniture is beautiful. Cody and I had drinks with the couple by the fireplace and even though the bar downstairs was crowded, because of how the furniture was arranged, we were able to have a cozy conversation.

They reserved a table for two and we chose to eat downstairs although the quiet and intimate dining room is upstairs. Cody and I had trouble choosing what to eat from the extensive menu. They have both traditional English cuisine, like Beef Wellington and Chicken and Mushroom Pie, and also serve Thai food. Chef Noi, whom they hired a few years ago, is from Bangkok and they decided to expand the menu when they realized how skilled she was with Thai cuisine. All I wanted to have was the Chicken Pie I ate last time I was there since it was so delicious the first time, but I branched out and had the Baked Cod. I was just as happy with my meal as I was the first time. It was delicious. Cody decided on a steak after not eating steak in over a year and proclaimed happily that he was “back on meat.”

After dinner we joined our friends again for more conversation and ended up staying until a little after two in the morning. It was a great evening and we can’t wait to go back. The food is always delicious and next time, we will give the Thai food a try. Thanks you guys for a great evening!

2 thoughts on “The Smokehouse in Bangsar

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  2. Update on the Smokehouse:
    We just had the Thai food and it was great. I would recommend the seafood souffle. Very tasty.

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