Our First Frog

Friday night we went out to dinner with Frankie and his girlfriend Noriko. They took us to a great local Chinese restaurant down the street for our first frog dinner. It was surprisingly delicious and when you come to Malaysia to visit, we will definitely be taking you there. The frog dish is the one in the back of the picture behind the tofu, kung pao frog (no joke.)

As a child I loved frogs and I can’t believe I actually ate frog for diner. My parents have this great story that they tell about me when I was about 6 and a little frog friend. One evening, just as it was getting dark, my parents came out into the yard to tell me it was time to come in for dinner. They found me playing with a little frog. I was holding him in my hand and my parents had to convince me to let him down since I was having so much fun and I loved him so much. As I put him on the nearest rock, they told me to say goodbye to him. I said “goodbye frog, see you in the morning,” and as I was walking into the house, they explained to me that he was going to go home to his family and that he would not be at that very same spot when I woke-up the next morning. They were trying to let me know that I should not be disappointed the next morning when he isn’t on that very same rock, but I assured them that “yes, he will.” With a big, all-knowing grin I walked into the house.

The next morning, I woke up bright and early, slipped out of bed and promptly went back into the yard to the very same rock I placed the little frog.  Sure enough, there he was waiting for me. When my parents woke up and found me, they were shocked to see that same little frog in my hand just as it had been when they found me the night before.  I was playing with it with a huge grin on my face. I looked up at them with an enormous grin and a voice that would have said “I told you so” if I were just a few years older.

I’ve told this story often. My parents have also told it often. In addition, every chance I get to pick up a frog and play with him I do so. The above pictures were taken during a camping trip and I just couldn’t get enough of my slimy pal. So when I was faced with eating my little frog friends I was a little bit troubled when all I could think was that I would see them the next day, but not as I did when I was a child.

2 thoughts on “Our First Frog

    • It is one of my favorite childhood stories and when I asked Cody if I had told it to him yet as I was typing this post, he said “Yeah, a few times.” I guess I tell it a lot.

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