2nd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Festival

Last weekend we gathered a friend from work and her family and headed 1 hour south to Putrajaya for the hot air balloon festival. I have a huge fascination with hot air balloons. I love them. I think it has to do with my favorite movie ever, The Wizard  of Oz. But in reality, I have never seen one upclose and personal, so I figured, hey, what a great opportunity to go see one, right?

Now let me ask a question…What is the ONE thing you would expect to see at a hot air balloon festival? Anyone, anyone. That’s right, hot air balloons. I mean, take a look at the flyier, I see hot air baloons, don’t you?

Well, that was not the case. We did not see a single hot air balloon. I cry false advertising. I wanted to see Tony the Tiger, some funny pink elephant and other colorful orbs floating high up into the sky. But no, there was not one hot air balloon there (grounded or flying) while we were at the festival.

After asking around, it turns out that the explanation for it was that the hot air balloons were going to get there at 4:30, but then why make the festival from 7 am to 9 pm and then not advertise that the balloons would only be at the festival at certain times? Well, I was pissed. I was using lots of foul language, huge arm gestures and I had a look of disbelief on my face for more than one day. Our friend Sara and her husband and father in law (both from Malaysia) were not all that surprised and much calmer than I when realizing that there were no balloons. When I told my friends what happened, they chalked it up to a concept that I am learning which is “Well, that’s Malaysia for you.”

The most exciting hot air balloon thing we saw was a basket on a truck, so I snapped a photo. Seeing that was way worth the hour drive, the 100 degree weather and the traffic and crowds…just kidding.

Sara and her family left, and Cody and I decided to walk around and see what else we could find. There were lots of stalls selling things, and lots of food and drinks at festival prices. When we walked down to the river we got a good look at the bridge into the city and saw some people playing in these cool water toys.

As we were leaving we got to appreciate one of two sole balloons in the sky. Two little ones that were on a high string providing us with some shade from the crazy heat.

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