80th Birthday Party

Our friend Pam invited us over for her grandmother’s 80th Birthday party. They have become our family in Malaysia and it was so nice to spend another evening with her and Adrian and the family. Her mom Sally cooked some amazing Steamboat and there was so much food we were eating all night.

While we were there we learned some Chinese Birthday traditions and decided that when we move back, we will bring some back with us. These traditions differ for the young and old and an 80th Birthday is a huge milestone with an elaborate celebration. Some of these traditions include:

Eating long noodles or “Mee” which signify a long life. Eating and passing out red dyed eggs to symbolize happiness and the renewal of life. Ang Pow is given for good luck and prosperity instead of gifts (although we did not know this and we brought a potted flower) and the Birthday treat is a huge sweet bun instead of a cake. This huge bun is surrounded by many small buns that represent the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the elder.

The night was great and the family is so sweet, kind and giving. Cody and I are lucky to have the opportunity to spend time with them, but we were talking about how it makes us miss our families even more. Thank god for Skype!

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