Matta Travel Fair 2010

Cody and I woke early on Saturday and headed into the city for the KL Matta Travel Fair. It is the biggest travel fair in KL and it lives up to its reputation. When we began talking about going to friends and colleagues we were warned because there are so many jams getting there, the place is way too crowded for normal people and the travel deals are not that great, but Cody and I decided to go anyways.

It definitely lived up to its reputation. It was so crowded I almost had a panic attack and we did not find any major deals but that may have been because we were so overwhelmed.

The two things we purchased both together cost less than a night out at our local bar and will allow us two fun weekend trips. We bough two tickets to the local KL aquarium and one night at a Genting hotel. The Genting Highlands is an area in KL that is a mini amusement park, casino and all around general entertainment capital about one hour away from where we are. After walking around and fighting the crowed for about 2 hours we sat and took a break at the main stage. We saw some shows and rested our feet before going back out into the crowds, but after sitting for a while we decided to call it a day and head out. I’m not too sure that we will ever go back to this even, but like everything else, it was definitely a uniquely Malaysian experience.

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